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Granting holiday wishes with DisabledHolidays.com!

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We’re excited to announce a brand new collaboration with DisabledHolidays.com!

DisabledHolidays.com specialise in providing holidays for people with disabilities and limited mobility. They’re now working with us to provide their expertise in this area to ensure we’re providing the best possible holidays for our wish children.

Every wish is as unique as the child that created it. Every year, hundreds of seriously ill children turn to us wishing to go on holiday, be it for a break from hospital and treatment, a chance to have quality family time, or the opportunity to see somewhere they’ve always dreamed of visiting.

When granting holiday wishes, we take into consideration every tiny detail a desperately ill child needs.

DisabledHolidays.com are experts in finding accessible holidays, and are helping us ensure our wishes are as tailored and magical for our wish children as possible.

By taking the stress of organising and planning a holiday away from the family, they can relax and enjoy their wish, giving them freedom to do whatever they want in a safe environment.

DisabledHolidays.com have already helped to grant wishes to children like Niall, who’s six years old and living with a degenerative neurological condition.

Niall and his dad on holiday

Niall’s wish to go to Lanzarote was granted last summer. He loves playing in water, so spent seven days playing in the pool and exploring Lanzarote with his family. Click here to read more about Niall's wish.

Wishes change lives. Our wish children are taken away from their daily realities and given something exciting and confidence-boosting to look forward to.  

A trip somewhere warm can help give seriously ill children confidence to see they’re not limited by their condition and it provides memories for a family that’s had their world turned upside-down by the diagnosis of a life-threatening condition.

Thank you DisabledHolidays.com for helping us make wishes come true for poorly children and young people when they need it most.