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Sam takes on the London Marathon!

Make-A-Wish UK

TV presenter Sam Homewood is a #WishHero! Sam, who presents the children's TV show Scrambled! on Citv, is bravely taking on the 2018 London Marathon for Make-A-Wish UK on Sunday 22nd April.  

The London Marathon - worse than a bungee jump?

"I've actually applied in the public ballot for the last three years and never got through, so I'm excited that I've finally got a place in this iconic event...Now the hard work begins!" Sam explains, "I'm looking forward to challenging myself – I did a bungee jump last summer and was terrified...it can't be worse than that, can it?! 

TV presenter Sam Homewood in Make-A-Wish UK marathon training top

Wishes have immediate and direct impact for families

"I wanted to fundraise for a charity that will make my sponsorship money have an immediate and direct impact, and Make-A-Wish does just that. It feels like a very deliberate cause and the way it changes lives is plain to see.

To be able to give a child facing a critical illness such a special experience, and for the whole family to have those special memories is amazing and something I very much want to be a part of." 

A surprise donation

"I want to raise £2,000 by running the marathon this April, and that will help to grant a child's intricately planned and executed One True Wish. 

Sebbie on the deck of the pirate ship

I even received a surprise donation from my former primary school, and the children there pledged to help even further by having a non-uniform day to raise more money!

I'm going to give a talk about Make-A-Wish at the school as a thank you. The support I’ve had from everyone has been amazing, it’s incredibly motivating too, especially when the weather isn’t all that inviting.  

I don't want to jinx it, but...

"I've always enjoyed running so hopefully the marathon won't beat me, I’ve been told that as long as you get past mile 20 you’ll be fine!  

I don't want to jinx it, but  I'm usually quite good at winging it. My friends are concerned that I'll take that attitude towards the marathon and they keep saying I should dress up to make it more challenging! I'm not convinced, but I do have a great pair of running leggings that are so comfy I’ll happily run in the freezing cold just so I have an excuse to wear them! 

Look out for the dogs!

"I'm going to be away filming for six days soon and will be limited to running on a treadmill at the hotel. Hopefully, I’ll enjoy that as much as I’m enjoying running outside, although treadmills can get a bit boring.

On the plus side, I nearly tripped over someone’s dog on my last run and I doubt that will happen inside! 

Fingers crossed

"I'm going to be running the marathon solo (apart from the 40,000-odd other runners of course!) but I'll be relying on the energy of the crowd to carry me through. I was doing 8k training runs before Christmas and I am ramping it up now that I've got the Make-A-Wish running guide from trainer Graeme. 

lots of cheerers at the side of the road

I've got a marathon training schedule and am taking great pleasure in ticking off each run as I go! My target time is under 3 hours 30 minutes, fingers crossed!  

A cause much bigger than me

"Crossing the finish line is going to be incredible! I can't wait, but in the same breath, it's also what I'm looking forward to the least, because all the excitement will be over, and I’m sure I’ll miss it! 

Even the crazy things you endure when you're training for a marathon like blisters and aching and running in the rain is all part of the pleasure – it makes you realise why you're running and reminds you that you're not the only one enduring it, we're all in the #WishHero team together.

The cause is much bigger than me and the accomplishment will be great. Who knows, I may love it so much I come back to do the marathon again next year!

Got a ballot place in this year's London Marathon? Join Sam by running as part of our #WishHero team!