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Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
I wish to direct my own film

Alec's wish has now been fully fundraised thanks to his kind supporters. His wish is booked for December and all his supporters will be updated on his wish. 

If you would like to donate a new Lego® set for Alec's wish please send to our head office address with the reference 'Alec - Lego.' 

Alec, aged 8 from Sheffield, who is living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, wishes to direct a Lego® film.

Alec had hit every milestone, but just before his 5th birthday it became apparent that Alec was starting to struggle. His mum, Rachel, began researching his symptoms and found he had a gated stand. A few days later specialists confirmed that Alec had Duchenne, which is a severe muscle wasting condition. Alec is on steroids but they are not working very well.  He struggles to walk so is fully reliant on a wheelchair and at times can find this very frustrating.

Alec turned to Lego® because it is an activity where he doesn't have to run around and play and it gives him an escape from his limitations. He is Lego® mad and he loves playing Lego® with his friends and has even joined a Lego® group at school.

Wishgranter Dan has pulled out all the stops for Alec's wish, arranging two nights in London, tickets to an attraction, limo arrival at the film making agency and of course the once in a lifetime opportunity of Alec directing his own Lego® film. Alec's wish will be something he can take control of and let his imagination run wild.

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If you would like to donate a new Lego® set for Alec's wish please send to our head office address with the reference 'Alec - Lego.' 

Picturesmith will be helping Alec create his movie, here is an example of their previous Lego® work: https://vimeo.com/201018078




Production costs: £400; UK Travel: £420; UK Limo: £400; Hotel £320; Food £180; Attraction Tickets £90; Lego £500; Expenses £100; Total: £2,410

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