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Wish child Alec smiling in a limo on his wish
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
I wished to direct my own film

Thank you to all those who donated towards Alec's wish or donated Lego® for Alec to use in his movie!

Alec, aged 8 from Sheffield, wished to be a director and create his own Lego® film. Alec had hit every milestone as a small child but, just before his 5th birthday, it became apparent that Alec was starting to struggle. His mum, Rachel, began researching his symptoms and took him to the doctors. Within a few days, specialists confirmed that Alec has Duchenne Musclar Dystrophy, a severe muscle wasting condition with no cure. 

Selfie with Alec and his mum

Alec is on steroids but they are not working very well.  He struggles to walk so is fully reliant on a wheelchair and at times can find this very frustrating.

An escape

Alec turned to Lego® because it gives him an escape from his limitations. He is Lego®-mad and has even joined a Lego® group at school.

In anticipation of the wish, ‘Director Alec’ needed to design a storyboard and imagine up the ideas for his film. He came up with a spectacular stop-motion adventure crafted entirely of Lego®.

Into the studio

In December 2017, Wishgranter Dan pulled out all the stops for Alec's wish, arranging for Alec, mum Rachel and dad Roy to stay at a hotel in London, then a chauffeur-driven limo took them to Picturesmith, the film-making agency who would give them the once in a lifetime opportunity of Alec directing his own Lego® film. He was excited to see how the studio works and to bring his Lego® adventure to life!

Alec with his mum and dad in front of a white limo

Director Alec

The Picturesmith team had been working on Alec’s movie in advance, so showed him the set-up and how to create a stop animation.

On the day, Director Alec also designed the title frame for the film, chose characters and recorded a voice over and sound effects. “He is such an imaginative and creative child,” says Rachel, “he hides away from new people sometimes, but not on his wish – he was confident and in his element. He made a great director, running between people asking questions and giving instructions.”

Rachel was amazed at how accessible Picturesmith made the day for Alec and says they are all so eager to see the film now.

“From start to finish he’s had an amazing time.” Rachel continues, “You’ve given Alec and us, his parents, memories that will last forever and we would like to thank you. Christian and all his colleagues at Picturesmith made us feel right at home and an important part of making the movie. Thanks for an experience of a life time.”

Exploring new worlds

Rachel says, “We go to hospital every six months for reviews, but there’s no cure for Alec, so this wish, and his film, will be his legacy. Alec just gets on with it – and Lego® gives him the freedom to explore new worlds and create action that just isn’t possible for him as his condition progresses.”

Alec in his wheelchair working on his lego film on a laptop

“Make-A-Wish gives children who’ve been through so much something to aspire to, an experience of completely their own design and something for them to be proud of, whatever their limitations. This is a chance to let your child’s imagination run free. Alec’s wish will be everlasting and something we could never dream of creating ourselves.”

Production costs: £400; UK Travel: £420; UK Limo: £400; Hotel £320; Food £180; Attraction Tickets £90; Lego £500; Expenses £100; Total: £2,410

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