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Sponsor a wish child Danny smiling lying in hospital bed
I wish to be a king for a day

Danny, from Oxford, who was diagnosed with leukaemia, has wished to be a king for a day. 

Seven-year-old Danny lives in Oxford with his parents and triplet brothers.

Aged four, he was diagnosed with leukaemia. It was an intense time for the whole family, with mum Emily and dad David juggling care for the then two-year-old triplets at home, and being in hospital with Danny.

Danny with his triplet brothers

“Being apart during the times when you most need one another has been very hard,” explains David.

Overcoming fear

Since then, Danny has undergone nearly three years of testing, chemotherapy and surgery, with over a year still to go.

Despite battling a blood clot in the brain and a fear of needles, he has taken part in treatment trials to help other children and he takes comfort in his imaginary world where nobody has leukaemia.

He is an inquisitive, brave and articulate boy and he understands that he could die.

Wiggly’s World

For his parents, the most difficult thing has been seeing their son genuinely frightened by what has happened to him.

At his worst, Danny seemed completely wasted away, his head bald and his body fragile, so that he almost looked elderly.

But when Doctors gave Danny a book explaining how his Hickman line would work, called Wiggly’s World, he was fascinated! He read it over and over, cover to cover.

He even took it into school to show his friends and spoke in assembly so the other children could understand.

Danny in his hospital bed

Books like this helped Danny learn how to read in hospital and one of the first words he learnt to spell out was ‘antibiotics’!

An adventure fit for a king

Danny adores kings, queens and Horrible Histories, so he didn’t hesitate when it came to his One True Wish.

Wishgranter Dawn is helping Danny to craft a royal adventure at a real castle, where he will be able to ask lots of questions and even stay overnight in the castle like a real king.

A crowing glory

David says, “There are many bad things about cancer, but we have seen many good things come out of it too. Danny’s wish will do something amazing. It will put a positive onto something that is unquestionably negative.

"It will be a crowning glory for him. I know he will look back and remember this as something very special. He will have scars, but he will also have the memory of this incredible wish.

Danny and his dad smiling in the sunshine

"Cancer is all he knows right now and he is only just beginning to understand that it’s not normal to go through what he has. So his wish will reinforce how special he is. Special to have cancer, yes, but even more special to have his wish come true.”

Overnight castle stay £450; Limo and travel costs £1,620; Food £390; Venue hire and tour £500; Entertainer £150; Wish items £160; Wishgranting Costs £247; Total £3,517

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