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Wish child Dewi in hospital
Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
I wish to have a driving experience at Nürburgring Race Track

Dewi's wish has now been fully fundraised, all his kind supporters will receive an update on his wish once it has taken place.

Dewi, aged ten, who is fighting acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, wishes for a race car driving experience at Nürburgring Race Track in Germany in July 2018!

Dewi (pronounced ‘Dowie,’ but affectionately given the nickname Bert after “Bertie bog brush” because he looked a bit scruffy when his hair started to grow back during chemo) has been battling acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a form of cancer, since he was eight years old, and faces another year and a half of gruelling chemotherapy treatment ahead. 

Mum, Clare, says Dewi is 10 going on 18. His first loves are fast cars and rugby, but his left hip has been affected by the cancer so Dewi gave up rugby and X-box racing games have taken its place.

Dewi is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to cars – his absolute favourites are the Nissan GTR, Porsche GT3, McLaren PI and Lexus LFA.

Dewi smiling with crazy hair

Over the moon

When Dewi found out he could have a wish granted he was over the moon and he already knew exactly what to wish for.

He wishes to ride in a racing car around the world-famous Nürburgring Race Track in Germany, and this summer will mark the mid-point in his treatment.

Clare, Dewi’s mum, remembers the day her son was diagnosed with cancer in December 2015; “It was like a whirlwind. Within 12 hours of taking him to the local hospital, we were in an ambulance to Cardiff with the sirens blaring.

Clocking up the car miles

“We told Dewi he had poorly blood to begin with, but once you get put on the children’s cancer ward you have to tell them the truth - there’s children next to them with no hair and tubes everywhere. When I told him he had cancer he asked me if he was going to die and I told him he wouldn’t.

Dewi asleep in hospital bed

"He didn’t leave hospital for 12 weeks. After that, I drove him an hour and a half each way, three times a week for chemotherapy treatment – we clocked up 33,000 miles in one year…somehow it didn’t put Dewi off cars though!

I’m always proud of him

“Your life can turn upside down in a split second, and it will never be the same again. When it happened to us, I went to pieces, but then you have to pick yourself back up and get on with it.

As Dewi’s mum, I’m always proud of him. His treatment is like torture, but he copes with it better than me. He’s marvellous.”

Driving experience - Gifted; Hotel stay - Gifted ; Transport £400; Meals £200; Wishgranting costs £250; Total £850;

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