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Turner Syndrome
I wish to meet Santa

Ella's wish has been fully fundraised by our kind supporters. Once Ella has been on her wish her supporters and this page will be updated. To sponsor a wish like Ella's click here. 

Seven-year-old Ella, from Bridgend, is living with Turner Syndrome, a genetic disorder that only affects girls. When she was five, doctors were concerned that Ella was not growing as she should be, and she had to have lots of tests before she was finally diagnosed. Turner Syndrome can have many associated conditions which Ella and her family are fighting to control.

Ella is a bubbly character who manages to always keep positive. Every night Ella has to be injected with a growth hormone. It’s been just over a year of painful injections so far, and initially it broke Ella’s heart - she would cry as it was hard for her to understand. Now, she calls the injection her ‘magic pen’ and is proud of the bruises it leaves on her legs as she knows it is helping her to grow big and strong. She couldn’t wait to show the magic pen to the Wish Visitors when they came to discuss Ella’s One True Wish.

Ella’s wish is to meet Santa in the snow, so Wishgranter Dawn has arranged for her to do all of this at Lapland UK!

Ella has seen Santa in the snow in films and cannot wait to experience it for herself. She’d really like to show Santa her ‘magic pen’ because when she met him at a local grotto last year, he told her that he was very proud of her using her pen every night.

Ella and her family cannot wait to create some magical memories together. Mum Casey says, “Ella is over the moon for her wish to be granted – it will be her very own day to do everything she dreams of. We don’t know how Ella’s condition will affect her long-term or how long her treatment will last but her wish will give our whole family something to outweigh all the bad times we’ve gone through. She’s been so strong and this will be her time to shine.”

Lapland package £425; Hotel £300; Expenses £600; Total £1,325

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