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Wish child Emily
DiGeorge Syndrome
I wish to be a princess

Emily, from Wigan, who is living with DiGeorge Syndrome, wishes to be a princess! 

Shortly after she was born, Emily was diagnosed with DiGeorge syndrome, an incurable condition caused by a genetic fault. 

We just wanted to take her home

Emily’s dad, Gareth, says, “We didn’t know what it meant at first. It was a complete shock. We just wanted her well so we could take our baby home. It was a horrible time for the whole family.”

For Emily, now seven, her condition means she has a poorly heart, a cleft palette and learning difficulties. 

A rocky start

As a baby, Emily survived two very risky open heart surgeries, the first at just two weeks old. Her aortic valve was so small and was leaking blood into her body, but her tiny heart was too weak to be operated on. At eight weeks old, Emily had more heart surgery. 

Strongest girl you’ll ever meet

Since then, Emily has been in and out of hospital, including her first Christmas. She has a very low immune system and is hospitalised nearly every time she falls ill.

Emily knows she is different and her confidence has been badly knocked by her illness as it has caused her to fall behind in school, but Gareth says, “She is the strongest little girl you’ll ever meet, she is amazing. I’m proud of her every day, she is such a fighter.”


Emily loves princesses and dolls, so when we asked Emily about her One True Wish, she told us she wishes to be a princess.

“We had heard of Make-A-Wish, but didn’t think Emily would qualify. She doesn’t completely understand everything that our Wishgranter, Vicky, has planned for Emily, a horse and carriage, princesses and party games...so she is going be starstruck by it all and it will be a massive surprise.”

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