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Fraser in his bedroom with a WWE belt on
Congenital heart condition
I wish to go to WWE Live

Fraser, who is living with a heart condition, wished to go to WWE Live.

Twelve-year-old Fraser was born with a congenital heart condition which saw the left and right ventricles of his heart reversed.

He did well for many years, but the bigger he grew the more affected he was by the symptoms. Even walking up the path from school made him out of breath, limiting his day-to-day activities.

Then in April 2017, Fraser had heart surgery. His mum, Gen, told us, “They basically re-plumbed his heart. They call it a double switch, so the ventricles are doing the correct things.

Fraser asleep in a hospital bed attached to lots of wires

“Surgery has been life-changing. Fraser started secondary school in September and can take part in PE and is really enjoying rugby and basketball and is keeping up with his peers.”

A Big WWE Fan

Fraser has been a fan of WWE since he was 5 or 6 when he got an X-box game, so when it came to his wish, he chose to go to WWE Live to see his favourite wrestlers in action.

Gen said, “Fraser is a big fan of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. A few years ago he even called his goldfish Roman and Seth, so it was great to find out that Seth was on the UK tour.”

On the day of his wish, Fraser and his family were picked up by limo and taken for lunch at the Hard Rock Café, which was a huge surprise to both Fraser and younger sister, Isla.

Fraser with his family and a WWE wrestler

Fraser felt like a celebrity driving around Manchester in the limo and enjoyed waving at people from the open window.

Meeting Seth Rollins

When they got to the arena, the family were led backstage where they met wrestling legend, Seth Rollins. “The look on Fraser’s face when Seth Rollins walked in was a picture; he was in awe of him.” 

Seth chatted with Fraser and signed autographs. They had photos taken and Fraser showed Seth an achievement belt that he made when he was in hospital, which Seth was impressed with.

Fraser and WWE wrestler taking a selfie

Seth then handed over a goody bag and some wristbands before heading off for the show.

A Day To Remember

After meeting Seth, the family enjoyed the show, which was everything you’d expect from WWE – lots of noise, hype and drama and plenty of shouting, booing and cheering!

Gen said, “We can’t thank Make-A-Wish enough. Approval for his wish came through during time in hospital when he was low and things were at their hardest for him.

“We spent time in hospital going through the wish pack which took his mind off things, imagining what the wish would be like.

“It was a really big focus for him pre-surgery and certainly the memory of his wish will always stay with him.

“No treats compare. The wish was an amazing experience for us to do as a family. A brilliant experience and loads of fun.”

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