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Miki lying in hospital bed smiling
Cerebral palsy and Wilms
I wish to splash in the water with dolphins

Miki, from Littlehampton, who's living with cerebral palsy and Wilms, has wished to splash in the water with dolphins.

Miki’s first two months were spent in hospital, on a ventilator in intensive care. Doctors said there had been bleeding on his brain but it was unclear when or why. 

Irreparable damage

Epileptic seizures causing irreparable brain damage started to take over Miki’s body at 10 months old. Mum, Daniela, was devastated. She could do nothing but watch her baby’s progress grind to a halt. He remains at the same stage he was at 10 months, now at six years old. 

Miki sat in his wheelchair smiling with a nasal tube

Doctors diagnosed cerebral palsy when Miki was two. Daniela says, “He is so smiley, so brave and so good, but extremely sensitive, so when somebody is crying he will cry too.”

A second blow

In May 2017, Miki stopped eating properly. A scan revealed a 20cm Wilms tumour in his kidney, squashing his stomach. 

“It was horrible. I couldn’t believe that all this could happen to one child,” Daniela explains. So he began a cycle of chemotherapy, then surgery, then more chemo, none of which Miki could understand, but it left him traumatised and untrusting of unfamiliar people and places. 

Miki as a toddler smiling

Water baby

Since he was a baby, Miki loves to play in water.  Before his cerebral palsy diagnosis, his parents tried every therapy they could to help him improve, and although none had a significant effect, he came alive in the water.

Daniela turned to Make-A-Wish to help Miki move on from cancer and restore his trust and confidence in people by giving him positive associations in a new environment. 

A wish to restore trust

Wishgranter Holli has arranged for Miki, his mum, dad and sister to go on holiday to Tenerife where he will meet dolphins for the first time, and be able to splash in the pool with his family. 

Daniela says, “This will be very special for him. I think Miki feels things more intensely than a lot of us, and I hope he might feel some connection with the dolphins. It will be so therapeutic for him to be relaxed in a safe place. 

Miki and his mum

We know we can’t change Miki’s situation, but we want to make him as happy as possible. He was in so much pain this last year, and this will signal the end of all the awful times. We are so excited.”

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