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Michael Baker
I wish to see the Northern Lights

Thanks to Michael's kind supporters his wish has been fully fundraised. This page and his supporters will be updated once he goes on his One True Wish.

Michael, aged 13, is in remission from cancer. He wishes to see the Northern Lights.

Before Michael was diagnosed with a type of cancer affecting the white blood cells called Hodgkin lymphoma at just 11 years old, he was a funny, outgoing and caring boy. After months of tests, aggressive chemotherapy and missing out on his entire first year of secondary school, Michael has become quiet and anxious, and doesn’t like to be left alone.

It all started around Christmas in 2015, when Michael had a cough that didn’t go away. He spent Christmas Eve in hospital and underwent relentless testing until the middle of January before receiving the devastating news. Although Michael has fought hard and is now in remission, the tumour is still there as it cannot be removed, but the hope is that it will reduce as he grows. 

Gina, Michael’s mum told us that the past two years have been petrifying, but she is so proud of her little boy. Michael is in Year 9 now and he wants to work in engineering when he’s older.

The once in a lifetime wish that Michael chose is to see the Northern Lights in Lapland! He was inspired by seeing photos from his Grandfather’s trip. Wishgranter Holli has planned an incredible trip where Michael will meet huskies, go on a snowmobile safari and sleep under the stars in a magical wilderness hotel.  

Mum, Gina hopes the wish will bring back some of Michael’s lost confidence and get him back on his feet. To share this special experience with his mum and have something other than cancer to talk about afterwards will mean the world to Michael. This wish will give them both closure on Michael’s cancer journey.  

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Accommodation £3,000; Expenses £170; Meals £150; Transport £100; Total: £3,420

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