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Complex heart condition
I wish to go to Lapland and meet Santa

Olivia has now been on her wish, watch this space for an update on how her wish went - thank you so much to her kind supporters!

Five-year-old Olivia lives in Kent with her mum, dad and cat Lizzy. She has an infectious personality - she loves to play outside and make people laugh, but it’s not always been this way. In her short life, Olivia has already fought many battles –she was born with a cleft palette and, at her 20 week scan, Olivia’s mum Jane found out her baby had a complex heart condition.

At just ten days old, Olivia had her poorly heart operated on. Later, she had surgery on her cleft palette. Olivia has to spend a lot of time in hospital, away from home, friends and family, but Jane says Olivia always finds a way of looking at things positively. “Hospital appointments in London involve travelling a long way from home for us but Olivia loves visiting the city, and we always try to make it as fun as possible for her. It has been hard for us as parents to see our little girl through so much, knowing she has more surgery ahead to ensure her fragile heart can cope as she grows.”

Jane says “We turned to Make-A-Wish to give Olivia something to look forward to that’s not hospital – something fun." Olivia’s One True Wish is to visit Lapland and meet Santa. She is most looking to seeing the huskies and making snow angels. She also wants to help the elves to make toys for other children. When our wish visitors went to see Olivia to find out her wish, when they spoke about Lapland Olivia’s face completely lit up and her eyes sparkled. Her mum, Jane, says Olivia is so excited that she’s practically packed her bags already!

As Olivia gets older, she is becoming evermore curious and is beginning to ask her mum and dad lots of questions about her condition. She even took one of her scans into school to show her class this year. After an imaginably tough start to life, five-year-old Olivia’s trip to Lapland will give her and her family special memories to last a lifetime. Wishgranter Vicky is arranging everything so that Olivia, her mum and her dad can enjoy a magical time of respite, fun and togetherness in Lapland. They’ll return home with renewed confidence, strength and hope for Olivia’s future.

Sponsor Olivia’s One True Wish today and make this Christmas the best one yet.

Accommodation £2,900; Meals £230; Expenses £185; Transport £80; Total £3,395

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