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Romee on her wish stood next to a unicorn
Severe epilepsy
I wished to have a unicorn party

Romee, who's living with severe epilepsy, wished to have a unicorn party.

Eight-year-old Romee, from Port Talbot in Wales, contracted swine flu as a baby, which set off unexplained and frequent, dangerous seizures.

In three years, Romee’s seizures put her in an ambulance, and then hospital for days after, over 160 times. Doctors couldn’t explain the severity of her seizures, and after trialing seven medications unsuccessfully, she was diagnosed with drug-resistant epilepsy.

A constant battle

Mum, Louise, says, “Romee copes amazingly. She’s kept up with her learning and she tries to take it all in her stride. The hard part is never being able to relax - the minute she goes out of view we’d always panic. Is she lying on the floor having a seizure?

"In the early days, days out were non-existent. If a seizure hit in the park, she’d let go of the swing or climbing frame causing injury to herself. The trampoline would set it off, running, everything. It was a constant battle between trying to allow Romee to enjoy a normal childhood and preventing a seizure."

Thanks to a new medication, Romee’s seizures are beginning to get under control. She’s starting to enjoy her freedom a little more; being left alone at Brownies and going to friends for tea.

Romee looking very excited opening her wish pack

She recently had a brain scan and, miraculously, her seizures have left no scarring so there is hope that, in time, she could be seizure-free.

Romee meets China Doll the unicorn

To celebrate Romee’s incredible bravery and determination, she asked Make-A-Wish to help her plan a unicorn-themed party for 15 of her best friends. Her One True Wish was to ride on a pink unicorn with a golden mane.

Romee sat on a pink unicorn

Wishgranter Dawn found Liege Manor equestrian centre in Cardiff where ponies are expertly transformed into unicorns in a gentle animal- and child-friendly way.

On the day, the girls stepped out of their limousine to be greeted by the most fantastic unicorn-themed party room. There was a huge walking unicorn balloon, a unicorn-themed party table and a fabulous unicorn cake.

Romee's pink cake with a unicorn figure on the top

After the girls had been safely kitted up, it was off to meet the ponies and last to walk into the showground was China Doll, a pink unicorn with a golden mane and multi-coloured horn, just as Romee had wished.

Unicorn cuddles

The girls had a wonderful day learning about the ponies, their equipment and how to care for them. They rode around the showground, brushed the horses manes and tails and played gymkhana games with the ponies, before each girl was awarded a rosette. Romee gave her unicorn a big cuddle before heading off for some party food.

Romee and all her friends lined up on their ponies

Romee’s Mum, Louise, said, “It wasn’t just a one-day event, she was talking about it for weeks before and weeks after! Romee loved every moment of her wish and hasn’t stopped beaming since. Sharing it with her friends made a huge difference, it was wonderful to see them all laughing and having fun together.

"Sitting unaccompanied on a pony would never have been possible for Romee before now, and the fun the girls had in the disco limo was like a party in itself! Everyone has been so kind - the thought that went into every little detail gave her excitement after excitement - the wish box, the letter, the wish visit, the cake...incredible! Thank you Make-A-Wish!”

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A non-toxic, water-based product that washes off very easily was used to colour the horse on Romee's wish. The horse was not uncomfortable and no harm was caused at any point during the wish.

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