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Ewings Sarcoma
I wish to have a Titanic themed trip

Taylor, who was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, wished to have a titanic-themed trip.

"My heart just bursts with pride when I think of him," says Sam, mum to nine-year-old Taylor, who lives in Cheshire. "He's been through so much and you wouldn’t even know it by looking at him.  

We didn't want him to be scared

"When we first heard the diagnosis of Ewings Sarcoma in January 2016 at Alder Hey Hospital, I didn’t know what it was. At seven years old, my son lost all his hair and had central lines attached to his little body. They removed seven of his teeth because they couldn't risk them becoming wobbly during chemo.

"Even through months of intensive radiotherapy and chemotherapy to battle the cancerous tumour growing in his neck, Taylor didn’t really understand what cancer was. He certainly didn’t know people could die from it, and we didn't want him to be scared. 

Taylor with his toy monkey

Our lives were turned upside down

"He was in hospital most of that year, missing out on school, friends, life. Children from school wrote him letters and cards, but his close friends inevitably formed new friendships as time went on.

"Taylor's dad and I alternated staying with him, and I was away from work for nearly a year. Our lives were turned upside down. You get put on a treadmill and you can’t get off until the doctors say so. Your life is not your own anymore.

A Titanic wish 

"Taylor is in remission now and he can see that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. When we watched the film Titanic last year, he was enthralled - fascinated by the scale of the ship, heartbroken about all the people in third class who couldn't get out, and how brave the captain was to stay with his ship. He watches videos about it on YouTube, has a poster of the Titanic on his wall, and he is building a mini model of the boat.

Taylor in the plane cock pit reaching up to press a button

"Our Wishgranter, Becky, worked with Taylor to scheme up a Titanic-themed trip in Belfast, home of the Titanic Museum. From the moment we left home, it was incredible. The pilot, welcoming Taylor on board over the tannoy and showing him how everything works, to the Titanic Hotel staff laying out a red carpet for our arrival, and presenting Taylor with his own 'Captain Taylor' embroidered robe, name badge and waistcoat.

Taylor and family stood on the red carpet in the hotel lobby


"We stayed in the best room in the hotel, and the whole place was filled with memorabilia from the ship.  Every single person went out of their way to make Taylor's experience once-in-a-lifetime, getting down on his level, and giving their time and attention to him.

"A member of the Titanic Hotel staff had a close connection to Make-A-Wish, and we could tell it meant a lot to her to pay it forwards by making Taylor's wish so magical.

"We were given a guided tour of the hotel, and visited the Titanic Museum which Taylor found fascinating. Taylor was invited to dinner in the restaurant by a personalised letter, and we were seated at the best table, at which the original designs for the Titanic had been drawn up. The chef came out to talk with Taylor and later he helped the bar staff make some drinks.

Taylor holding up 2 red cocktails on a tray with a waitress

One last surprise

"On the last day, after Taylor had mentioned he hopes to be in the emergency services one day, a fire engine, police car and riot van were all waiting outside for him.

"He was given a white-knuckle ride, with the sirens blaring. Back at the hotel, the staff presented Taylor with an 'Employee of the Month' certificate – he was beaming!

Taylor wearing a police vest with 2 police officers

"Taylor's confidence grew on his wish – he became his own person again, laughing and joking with the hotel staff. After everything he's battled through, he is soaring now. Inspired to give back after his wish, he collected donations for Make-A-Wish at his little brother’s christening the other week, raising £122. 

“It's amazing to see him come out the other side. When you get a diagnosis like Ewings Sarcoma, you don’t know what the future holds, and there were moments when I thought life would never be normal for us again. But this has showed us that's not true.

"This has been the best thing we have done throughout his whole treatment. Words can't describe how happy this wish has made us feel."

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