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Taylor on the beach
Ewings Sarcoma
I wish to have a Titanic themed trip

Brandon's Titanic themed wish has been fully fundraised, all his kind supporters will receive an update on his wish once it has taken place.

Nine year old Taylor from Cheshire, who is in remission from Ewings Sarcoma, wishes to have a Titanic themed trip.

"My heart just bursts with pride when I think of him," says Sam, mum to nine-year-old Taylor, who lives in Cheshire. "He's been through so much and you wouldn't even know it by looking at him.

"Before his diagnosis, Taylor loved to play out, doing little pranks, and he had this great sense of humour. Then, around January of 2016, Taylor and I were playing in his room and he said his neck was sore. 

"A few weeks later, we went to the doctor. A cancerous tumour was growing inside Taylor's neck, and it was affecting the use of his arm too.

Taylor during treatment looking at camera

Taylor's diagnosis

"When we first heard the diagnosis of Ewings Sarcoma at Alder Hey Hospital, I didn’t know what it was. No one had cancer in our family. At seven years old, my son lost all his hair and had central lines attached to his little body.

"They removed seven of his teeth because they couldn't risk them becoming wobbly during chemo. Even through months of intensive radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Taylor didn’t really understand what cancer was. He certainly didn’t know people could die from it, and we didn't want him to be scared.

Trying to be brave 

"He was in hospital most of that year, missing out on school, friends, life. Children from school wrote him letters and cards and made a fuss of him whenever he went in on the odd day, but his close friends inevitably formed new friendships as time went on. Drained of energy, he just wanted to stay in – he was trying to be brave, but he wasn't like a little boy anymore.

"It was just so unpredictable – inpatient stays, emergency admissions whenever he had a temperature. Taylor's dad and I alternated staying with him, and I was away from work for nearly a year. Our lives were turned upside down. You get put on a treadmill and you can’t get off until the doctors say so. Your life is not your own anymore.

Taylor with his toy monkey

A Titanic wish  

"Thankfully, Taylor is all-clear now. He even got a certificate that he took in to school. He's proud and can see now that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. He also has a little brother now – I'm so grateful that Taylor has that opportunity - he looks like he’s been ready for it for all this time.   

"Taylor has always been quite sentimental – he loves to keep little mementos of everything.

"When we sat down to watch the film Titanic last year, he was enthralled - fascinated by the scale of the ship, heartbroken about all the people in third class who couldn't get out, and how brave the captain was to stay with his ship. He watches videos about it on YouTube, has a poster of the Titanic on his wall, and his dad gave him a model of the boat that he's building now.   

"When you get a diagnosis like Ewings Sarcoma, you don’t know what the future holds. Make-A-Wish has given Taylor this incredible thing to look forward to. His wish is to visit the Titanic Museum in Belfast – we're even going to stay in the Titanic Hotel!"

You can sponsor Taylor's wish today and be a part of his life-changing journey. 

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